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Notre Gamme de granulés Cochon d’Inde :

Naturellement savoureux et sain

Nous voulons tous que nos animaux vivent longtemps avec une vie heureuse, alors choisissez Selective, l’aliment sur mesure qui soutient la santé digestive et la vitalité de votre animal quelque soit son âge et son mode de vie.

  • Alimentation quotidienne sans céréales pour les cochons d’Indes de tout âge
  • Single component extruded nuggets prevent selective feeding
  • Enrichi en vitamine C stabilisée, essentielle pour maintenir des fonctions saines
  • Contient des antioxydants naturels qui entretiennent la vitalité
  • Protéines équilibrées qui participent au maintien du poids de forme
  • Riche en ingrédients naturels sans maïs ni blé
  • Sans sucres ajoutés et teneur faible en calories pour prévenir le risque d’obésité
  • Teneur élevée en fibres qui soutiennent la bonne santé dentaire et digestive
  • Rapport calcium / phosphore correctement équilibré
  • Prébiotiques (MOS) qui favorisent la motilité intestinale et le bien-être digestif
  • Enrichi en vitamines et minéraux essentiels
  • Contient des graines de lin, une source naturelle d’Oméga 3 et 6, pour une peau saine et un pelage brillant
  • Aliment très appétant et entièrement extrudé pour une assimilation aisée des nutriments
  • Formulations basées sur des recherches scientifiques publiées
  • Recommandé par les vétérinaires
  • Emballage recyclable

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Bigger size needed

Rated 4,0 out of 5
10th novembre 2023

My guinea pigs really like this food and it’s full of the best ingredients but a bigger size would make it 5 stars.


More, more, more.

Rated 4,0 out of 5
28th septembre 2023

I have 2 guineas who love their Supreme. Whenever I go near to their cage they immediately start squeaking for more!

Jules Gausden

Good quality, nutritional food.

Rated 5,0 out of 5
14th mars 2023

Our two boys Bert and Ernie have loved this food since day one. We have tried other brands of food but this is by far their favourite! The nuggets are a cute flower shape and smell full of flavour. I wouldn’t feed them anything else! 10/10 would recommend.

Chloe Zareba

Amazing, healthy grain free pellets

Rated 5,0 out of 5
22nd juillet 2022

I love how healthy these are because I really struggled to find a Timothy hay based pellet option for the piggies which weren’t full of unnecessary, unhealthy extra ingredients. I also use the rabbit version for willow and she also loves them! Basically we’re a big fan of the grain free pellets!


Great product for my piggies

Rated 5,0 out of 5
4th avril 2022

My two Peruvian piggies love Science Selective Guinea Pig food. Bubble and Squeak love munching away at it. Couldn’t recommend more!

Jessica Ford

Excellent food

Rated 5,0 out of 5
4th avril 2022

Purchased science select guinea pig food when our usual wasn’t in stock, will not go back to the old food, guinea pigs absolutely love science select and even get excited when I re fill the food bowl (they’ve never done this before). Just have to be mindful of how much they are eating now as they empty the bowl very quickly, the old brand of food could sit there for days before needing a refill.


Great for fussy guinea pigs

Rated 5,0 out of 5
4th avril 2022

My guinea pigs love this food. I was advised to switch them onto it by my local pet store as my piggies tended to pick out the bits of the muesli mix that they preferred. I thought they might turn their noses up at a pellet food but how wrong I was. We definitely won’t be going back to their old food!

Julia Wright

Good product for picky guinea pigs

Rated 5,0 out of 5
4th avril 2022

My guinea pig is super picky with his food, when he finally decides to eat, he’s always happy with science selectivr

Mary Hills

Good value, guinea pigs favourite

Rated 5,0 out of 5
4th avril 2022

My piggies love this food and go crazy when it’s breakfast time. It’s full of healthy ingredients and added Vitamin C. Wouldn’t feed them any other brand!

Sarah C

Love this food

Rated 4,0 out of 5
4th avril 2022

Feeding time is always met with great excitement by my guineas! They just love this food. Not always easy to get hold of though which is the only drawback

Alison Baldock

Fantastic grain free food

Rated 5,0 out of 5
4th avril 2022

Was so pleased to find Supreme have a grain free food for guinea pigs. Since swapping over to this my guinea pigs have bags of energy and have never looked better. Thoroughly recommend!

P Porter

Natural diet

Rated 5,0 out of 5
4th avril 2022

I’ve always tried to feed my guinea pigs a diet as close to nature as possible and am delighted with Science Selective grain free. Won’t be going back to their old food that’s for sure!

Kerrie Smith

Bigger bag please!

Rated 4,0 out of 5
4th avril 2022

Love this food and so do my guinea pigs. Wish it came in a bigger pack size though – with my large piggie family they get through 1.5kg in no time.

Rated 0,0 out of 5
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