Find the rabbit veterinary care resources you’re looking for…

Our collection of resources include techniques, procedures and hospitalisation forms to help provide you with extra support when caring for rabbit patients in your clinic.

Advanced Dental Techniques- Nerve Blocks

Rabbit Handling Techniques

Rabbit Physical Examination Procedures

Rabbit Physical Examination Practical Check Sheet

Rabbit Behavioural Assessment

Administration of Medication in the Rabbit Patient

Administration of Medication in the Rabbit Patient (Table Format)

Blood Sample Procedure in the Rabbit Patient

Rabbits: Crash Protocol

Exotic and Wildlife Anaesthesia Record

Fluid Therapy in Rabbit Patients

Grooming Rabbit Patients

Intraosseous (IO) Catheter Placement Procedure in Rabbit Patients

Commonly Seen Problems During Anaesthetic Stages in Rabbit Patients

Basic Hospitalisation of Rabbit Patients

Rabbit Hospitalisation Form

Recovery Plus Feeding Guide

Rabbit Skull Anatomy and Radiography

Master Class Small Mammal Laparoscopy

Courtesy of Professor Stephen Divers, UGA

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